Used or New Theater seats for your home theater or auditorium?

With today’s economy, it is practical to consider all of your options when shopping for theater seating. Used theater seating, will be, no doubt less money than brand new theater seating. Many times used theater seating is half the price of new theater seating. So why not choose used theater seats? Well, ‘used’ means that the movie chairs can show some signs of wear, used theater seats usually come with only a 30-day warranty, and they come in the color that they are in, in other words you do not get to choose your fabric color, it is already decided for you.
So let’s talk about these concerns. “Signs of wear”: when purchasing used theater seats always ask the seller, what is the condition of the theater seating? If there are scratches, where are they? How bad are they? Scuff marks on plastic theater seating rear-of-back shells can easily have their appearance lessened by applying a plastic / vinyl protestant such as Armor All®. Scratches on metal legs or seat pans can be touched up with paint, or repainted entirely.
“Soiled fabric”: Fabric can be cleaned; in fact, some used theater seat cushion bottom covers can actually be easily removed and simply placed in a machine clothes washer for cleaning. You definitely do not want a used theater seat that has any rips or tears in the fabric.
‘Fabric color choice’: The color that the seller got the chairs in is usually the only color you can get. So it may be prudent to order some ‘attic stock’ theater seating, to keep as spares. Remember theater seats last a long time, 15 years at least. So who knows if you might have to replace a cushion 10 years from now? Matching fabric again in the future can be near impossible.
So those are some of the things that are good to consider when deciding if you should go with new or used theater seats.
New seats come with a 5-year warranty, you can choose your fabric color from 50+ colors, and you can choose the height, width, and armrest preferences.
If you want to see what used theater chairs are available visit:
And if you would like to see some of the new theater seating models for sale, see:

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