HOME THEATER SEATING from Radio City Music Hall in NYC

I have seen these chairs going for over $600 each.
It is hard to even imagine all of the famous performers who appeared at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall in the last 60+ years. The chairs are fully refurbished, and gorgeous.
There are only a few hundred left, and obviously once they are gone their gone.Check it out:
the Authentic NYC Radio Music Hall theater seating is going for $359 each delivered! ($679 for a set).
This home theater seating is one offering of many: See…
Other used and refurbished real theatre seating for use as home theater seating.
A Certificate of Authenticity (COA), is provided by the professional restorers, and it comes with every New York City’s Radio City Music Hall chair. Call with questions! (727) 798-6949

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  1. Some of the best acts and features ever have been through radio music hall theater at some point. Would be amazing to have that piece of history in your own home.

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